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It feels like going back in time - or maybe even out of time when Norwegian vocalist VIIK playfully approaches her musical heritage. Working with the foremost young folk musicians in Scandinavia, she his described as one of the most exciting  acts on the nordic music scene. VÍÍK shouts, dances, twists and turns folksongs and stories until they are entirely unrecognisable yet feel as a historical deja vu, expertly supported by a well tuned orchestra, allowing her to paint a magical universe of laughable fairytales, frightful medieval stories and melancholic sagas.

The first ever VÍÍK performance took place in 2019, and she has since then established a reputation as an unusual and fascinating performer, having played Roskilde Festivals ‘Summer Days, as well as the famous Copenhagen Tivoli mainstage, and at the Danish Music Awards ‘Roots’ 2020 where she was nominated for Live Act of the Year, and again in 2021 for Artist of the Year.


Although the artistic work is entirely that of vocalist Elisabeth VIIK's doing, there would be no VÍÍK without bassplayer and manager Jakob Kragesand.
Where VÍÍK has the spotlight, Kragesand is pulling strings in the background.

"When deciding to start this project, I was in no doubt that I wanted to cooperate with Jakob. Beyond being a wonderful bassplayer and having become one of my  very best friends, he also has an extraordinary talent for organisation, execution and evaluation. We met at a folk music conference in Stockholm 2018, and the pieces just fell together over the course of the next couple of weeks. I may have built the ship, but it would never have seen the sea if it weren't for Jakobs competent hands." - VÍÍK

"She lets out a wild roar reminiscent of Ronja the robbers daughters' scream and an orgasm. This forthright eruption is both overwhelming and captivating, and the audience are drawn deeper in to her story"



Jakob Kragesand - Photo by Peter Langwithz Smith


VÍÍK Sextet - Photo by Mads Salbæk

Together the pair are preparing to release VÍÍK's debut album in 2022, which they recorded in cooperation with a group of young well-known scandinavian folk and world musicians:
Annelene Toft Christensen - Violin (Som Os, Annelene)
Villads Hoffmann - Cittern (Stundom, Tailcoat, Penny Pascal, Marvara)
Morten Alkjær Lassen - Accordeon (Sherzandum)
Mårten Hillbom - Drums and percussion (AXVY, Zakhrafat, Tailcoat)

The album is recorded and mixed by Copenhagen-based producer Louise Nipper of Soundscape Studios, and Mastered by David Elberling at The Village Studios.

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