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Origin: Scandinavia

Genre: Traditional Folk

Years Active: 2019 - Present



It feels like going back in time - or maybe even out of time when Norwegian vocalist VIIK playfully approach her musical heritage. Working with some of the most interesting young folk musicians in Scandinavia, she has placed herself as one of the most exciting new acts on the Nordic music scene. VÍÍK shouts, dances, twists and turns folksongs and stories until they are entirely unrecognisable yet feel as a historical deja vu, expertly supported by a well tuned orchestra, allowing her to paint a magical universe of frightening fairytales and mournful medieval stories. The first ever VÍÍK performance took place in 2019, and she has since then established a reputation as an unusual and exiting live act, having played Roskilde Festivals ‘Summer Days, as well as the famous Copenhagen Tivoli mainstage, and at the Danish Music Awards ‘Roots’ 2020 where she was nominated for Live Act of the Year, and again in 2021 for Artist of the Year.


"She lets out a wild roar reminiscent of Ronja the robbers daughters' scream and an orgasm. This forthright eruption is both overwhelming and captivaing, and the audience are drawn in to her story"

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